Smile Gallery

Before and After Dental Photos - Smile Makeovers Leominster, MA, Cronin Dental


All cases shown were performed By Dr. Cronin at our Leominster office

Case #1:  Patient presents with worn teeth due to a hisotry of Bulimia.  The acid from vomiting has eaten the enamel right off of her teeth and she has lost confidence in her appearance and her smile.  Six all ceramic crowns were done on her front teeth.  The difference is phenomenal.

                       Before:                                                                                 After:



Case #2:  Patient has had braces once before.  The anterior teeth still have spacing, are yellow in color and are higher on one side that the other.  Orthodontics was discussed but the referred Orthodontist suggested that many of these same problems may remain after Orthodontics, and still require veneers.  Treatment chosen:  Whitening trays (NiteWhite) for the entire mouth for two weeks.  Then six veneers on the anterior teeth to eliminate the spacing and give a more uniform even appearance that is not slanted as before.

                         Before:                                                                                After:



Case #3:  This is one of my favorite cases ever.  This patient who had otherwise nice teeth kept chipping his front teeth.  He came in as a new patient in a snow storm where the rest of my day had cancelled.  We discussed doing veneers on all four of his front teeth as I felt they were yellower than the other teeth and doing all four would give him the wow he was looking for.  He decided to do it right there and since I had the time we did the preparations and temporaries that day.  This was the final result two weeks later.  They look as good today as when I did them ten years ago.

                                Before:                                                                           After: